20 Nov 2014 - The Barnett Government has axed funding for the Aboriginal Interpreting Service, a decision that has been strongly criticised by the WA Chief Justice Wayne Martin. More info

14 Nov 2014 - Programs cut by Colin Barnett and the WA Liberals, as reported on BrokenPromises.org.au More info

Provision of public housing, crisis accommodation, affordable housing and government housing

9 Oct 2014 - The Barnett Government has cut $460m from the budget of the WA Housing Authority. This included $10m for additional Community or Public Housing and $25m for additional crisis accommodation. More info

30 Sep 2014 - In the 2013-14 Mid-Year review, it was announced that the Main Roads capital budget would be cut by $227m over the next four years. More info

Public high schools throughout the State

26 Aug 2014 - The implementation of the a new funding formula for WA public schools by the Barnett Government will see nearly one in three schools worse off. High schools are the worst affected with $250,000 being cut from 78 schools. More info

The same fee was charged to have a motor vehicle examined no matter where you lived in the State.

26 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government’s decision to abolish the universal tariff for motor vehicle examinations will mean fees in regional WA will now cost up to 19 per cent more than in Perth. More info

Residential services for people with disabilities will be privatised and outsourced to the non-government sector.

26 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government has announced that 500 jobs will be cut from the Disability Services Commission as the government run accommodation services are privatised. More info

The private vehicle rebate has been cut costings household an average of $72 per car

26 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government has abolished the private vehicle rebate for car registrations. All vehicles will now be charged at the same rates irrespective of whether they are used privately or for commercial purposes. More info

First home buyers access to the full stamp exemption has been cut for established homes.

26 Aug 2014 - In the 2014-15 State Budget, the full stamp exemption for first home buyers was lowered from $500,000 to $430,000 for established homes. More info

26 Aug 2014 - The Seniors Cost of Living Rebate has been halved by the Barnett Liberal Government. More info

26 Aug 2014 - Funding for the Country Local Government fund (CLGF) has been cut despite it being a legislative requirement of the Royalties for Regions fund. More info

Independent watchdog to advise and co-ordinate action on the Swan River

25 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government has announced the abolition of the Swan River Trust. The functions will now be incorporated inside the Department of Parks and Wildlife. More info

17 Oct 2013 - In 2013 the Barnett Government announced that there would be significant cuts to school budgets in 2014. More info