$183 million cut from schools in 2014



17 Oct 2013 - In 2013 the Barnett Government announced that there would be significant cuts to school budgets in 2014..

The decision to cut $183 million of funding to programs has resulted in over 600 jobs being axed from schools, a reduced number of teachers to cater for an increased number of students and some programs being cut or curtailed.  It also left school with less money to buy important resources for students. 

Cuts in 2014 include the following:

At least 600 Support Staff Cut:

  • 350 Education assistants covering kindergarten to year 2
  • 150 Central support staff
  • 100 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs)
  • Cuts from a range of program areas including the Intensive English Centre

342 Fewer Teaching Staff across the state:

  • Reduction in the base allocation of teachers to every school
  • Reduction in the number of teachers per student for years 8to 12
  Cuts to Schools' Supplies:
  • $26.4 million cut from schools' budgets for goods and services such as stationery and sports equipment
  • $2 million cut from schools postage budgets to communicate with parents
  Introducing the "Long Service Leave Liability Levy":
  • A tax on every school of $600 per teacher and $400 per school support worker

Cuts to School Support Programs, including:

  • 30% cut to specialist support for literacy and numeracy
  • 30% cut to support for children with learning Difficulties
  • $1.74 million cut from the EAL/D and Intensive English Centre (IEC)
  • $3.58 million cut from anaphylaxis management in schools
  • $370,000 cut from PEAC
Discontinuing grants and school programs including:
  • School Innovation grants
  • Aboriginal Innovation Schools Project
  • English as a second language grants
  • Agricultural Library
  • District Youth Organisers
  • Media Loans Pool
  • Science Loan Pool
  • Night Classes
  • Stock feed (horsemanship) 

For further information and to sign the petition against these cuts please visit markmcgowan.com.au/edcuts