Cost of Living Rebate to Seniors halved



26 Aug 2014 - The Seniors Cost of Living Rebate has been halved by the Barnett Liberal Government..

The decision to halve the seniors rebate comes after a decision by the Liberal Abbott Federal Government cut a raft of payments to the State for Health, Education and Seniors in the 21014-15 Federal Budget.                              

Unlike other states, the Barnett Government announced that it would not cover the funding shortfall.

In a Ministerial Media Statement on the 24 June 2014 it was announced that the Seniors Cost of Living Rebate would be halved for both singles and couples. This means singles and couples will now receive annual payments of $82 and $123 respectively.  This is down from $163 for singles and $245 for couples per year

The Government also announced that there would be a review of the WA Seniors Concessions that apply from 2015-16 onwards.  The review is currently underway.  MMS 24 June 2014