Funding cut to nearly one in three WA schools in 2015

Public high schools throughout the State



26 Aug 2014 - The implementation of the a new funding formula for WA public schools by the Barnett Government will see nearly one in three schools worse off. High schools are the worst affected with $250,000 being cut from 78 schools..

The decision to strip the funding from high schools in 2015 follows the decision by the Barnett Government to strip $185 million from WA school budgets in 2014.  A full list of the budget cuts to high schools is available here. 

In defending the cuts the Minister for Education Peter Collier said ‘low socioeconomic or under-performing schools that lose money under the Government’s student-centred funding model from next year are “getting what they deserve’. West Australian 4/8/14

Those schools whose funding cut is $250,000 will potentially face further budget cuts in 2016-2019. Funding cuts were capped at $250,000 in a single year so additional cuts will be phased in over a 5 year period.                                              

An example of this is the reports that Mt Lawley SHS will ‘lose $1million from its budget over the next five years’.  Perth Voice 9/8/14

Many of the schools facing cuts are in lower socio-economic areas across Perth and regional WA.