Public Housing

Provision of public housing, crisis accommodation, affordable housing and government housing



09 Oct 2014 - The Barnett Government has cut $460m from the budget of the WA Housing Authority. This included $10m for additional Community or Public Housing and $25m for additional crisis accommodation. .

The decision by the Government to cut the housing budget will impact on housing affordability and access to public housing. 

There are approximately 20,000 people on the public housing waiting list at any one time.   The waiting list in WA is kept low as a result of the income threshold.  The threshold in WA has not been lifted since 2006 and is the lowest of any state in Australia. 

The maximum income a single adult can earn while living in public housing is only $430 a week, far below all other states.  By comparison, the limit is $501 in Tasmania, $560 in NSW, $609 in Queensland and $970 in South Australia.