Universal tariff for motor vehicle examination fees has been cut

The same fee was charged to have a motor vehicle examined no matter where you lived in the State.



26 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government’s decision to abolish the universal tariff for motor vehicle examinations will mean fees in regional WA will now cost up to 19 per cent more than in Perth..

People living in regional WA will now be forced to pay more for the same service that will be available at a cheaper rate in the metropolitan area.

This is a significant shift in policy by the Barnett Government to move to full cost recovery for services in regional WA. If it is expanded across all government services it will have a devastating impact in the regions.

The introduction of the regional price index was outlined in the 2014-15 State Government Budget. Budget Paper 3 p 308

 ‘A driver and Vehicle Services Regional Price Index will be applied to vehicle examination fees so that higher rates are charged to reflect the higher cost of providing this service in regional areas’. P308 BP3

The detail of the impact of the decision by regions is provided in the table – Vehicle Examination Fees (by location/region).